Wednesday, April 20, 2005


sometimes i think i like to be in misery. i am so super hung up on tv/movie romance and not-so-'chance' meetings that i long for those strange connections for my own life. i have all these episodes of various tv shows that have great moments when friends realize they are actually in love. i have them tivoed and i wish there was a way i could crop them out and save just that one scene - tivo should totally have the ability to do that.

i have been havin' hella crazy dreams lately. saturday i dreamed that i made out with sara silverman, monday night i dreamed that i was making something and my sister made fun of it and said she hated it - then last night i dreamed that my friend kevin and his wife had a little baby girl, that was such a sweet dream - i wish they would have kids, i would love to see him as a dad.


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