Tuesday, April 26, 2005

i love the gym

so work was pretty uneventful yesterday. i have crap to do but in no way have the desire to get moving on it.

last night at the gym i had on my new capri work out pants so i was feeling the cuteness. for most of my work out jt was a no show - and then, he walked in. he grabbed a drink and headed over to play bball. so i lost track of him and then all of the sudden he came over to the treadmill area. he ran a little bit and then i noticed he was sitting against the wall behind the treadmills - and continued to sit there for a few minutes. it dawned on me that he was all sorts of distraught about not getting to run on the treadmill next to me, poor thing.

he moved over to the free-weight area and i couldn't really see much except for moving weights all about, then i got the best gift for a monday ever - he was doing all sorts of dumbbell arm curl things all the whilst wearing a tank top directly in my line of sight. that was so wonderful. flex baby flex.


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