Friday, August 11, 2006

i so called it

earlier this week i bought some salmon filets that were seasoned with ginger pepper. sounds good huh? well, the opportunity to cook them did not arrive until last night, the only problem - the 'sell by' date.

the sell by date on the package said 8/8/06.

me: hhhmmm, they look ok (at this point i call up my sister).

me: hey
katie: hey
me: i bought this salmon and the sell by date says 8/8 - what do you think about that?
katie: does it smell?
me: no, i don't think so.
katie: if it smells at all don't eat it. i wouldn't eat it.
me: i just hate wasting food and it looks really good.
katie: i know, me too.
me: ok. bye.
katie: bye

i don't really like that answer - so i call my mother

me: hey mom
mom: hey anna
me: what are you doing?
mom: about to eat dinner
me: what are you having?
mom: leftovers (mom i super informative)
me: leftover what
mom: what do you need? i am hungry.
me: well, i bought this salmon but the sell by date says 8/8, what do you think about that?
me: i know, but i don't know if that is ok or not.
mom: it's fine
me: ok
mom: is that all? i am ready to eat.
me: ok mom, bye.
mom: bye.

so i cooked the salmon in the same way i cook catfish and when i pull it out to check on it, i am unsure as to the doneness and began to question my original cooking temperature/length assessment. so i call a co-worker, whom i know has cooked salmon before.

me: hey
co-worker: hey
me: what are you doing?
co-worker: i just got off the treadmill - glad that's done.
me: i know! woohoo! no more exercise this week.
co-worker: i know! i am ready for cocktail day.
me: me too, anyway - can i ask you a cooking question?
co-worker: sure
me: how do you cook salmon
co-worker: i bake it (mom?)
me: i mean at what temperature and how long.
co-worker: at about 400/425 for 20 or so minutes.
me: oh (that is so not what i did), ok - thanks!
co-worker: bye.
me: bye.

so i put it back in the oven for a few more minutes, fixed a salad and ate my dinner. it was delicious.


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