Tuesday, August 01, 2006

'wood you like some yelly or someting else'

in the mornings, sometimes, i go by mcdonald's. the only staff working in the mornings are mexican women. it's kind of strange and annoying because this particular group of women are not the most efficient and that, well that just goes against nature. but i digress.

i used to have honey nut cheerios for breakfast every morning. but then, see i have this co-worker and she is all about eating all the proper things and such and whenever you are eating your breakfast or lunch around her she is all 'no protein?! you need protein, i HAVE to have protein'. and all i think is - 'ugh, don't look/comment on my food!' anyway, i was telling my sister about it and she said, in a defeated tone, 'yea, i think you are supposed to have protein at every meal.'

great! now what? what am i going to eat??? the easy answer is peanut butter and/or eggs. but peanut butter has too much fat and i have realized over the years that scramblie eggs make me all queasy like. so i came up with the best breakfast ever! one sunnyside up egg on a piece of toast. ok, so i didn't come up with that, but it is damn good. i have this great non-stick pan that allows me not to have to use butter (even though i do use a teeny tiny bit, just for taste) and the egg does not stick at all, so it's not a pain to clean up. it is so good - i make it and then leave for work and i always want another. mmm, i may just have to have that for dinner tonight.

thinking. . . why is it perfectly acceptable to me to drop a pill on the floor and pick it up and still swallow it but not eat food off the floor. it's the same thing. the other day i went to take an advil cold & sinus pill and i dropped it on the floor, picked it up and drank it down. i starting to think about what i had just done and realized i would do the same with a pretzel or chip but not say, pudding or jello. why does consistency matter? is it harder for germs and nastiness to stick to harder objects? shouldn't i ban all things that have been on the floor from entering my body?


  • scramblie eggs?

    i think the floor/food rule is governed by the general stickieness of the food in relation to the cleanliness of the floor. of course you have to also factor in the following:

    The remaining amount of food dropped

    The tastiness of food dropped

    Your level of hunger

    Number of people watching

    By Anonymous piehammer, at August 1, 2006 at 10:06 AM  

  • And so what do you get for breakfast at McDonald's??

    I definitely think the consistency factor comes into play with food on the floor. If you can blow off the germs then it is ok to eat!! :)

    You just wouldn't scrap jello or pudding off the floor --- that is disgusting!!!

    By Anonymous Susan, at August 1, 2006 at 5:49 PM  

  • i think piehammer is correct. i didn't realize until now the thought process i go thru when dropped food comes into question. i would think tastiness has the biggest affect.

    susan is right too - the blow off factor is huge.

    By Blogger anna, at August 2, 2006 at 11:54 AM  

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