Tuesday, February 05, 2008

when in doubt, read the instructions

so, i have spots on my knives. from the dishwasher. i decided i needed jet dry.

yea, that'll get rid of them.

so i go to the store. pick some up and take it home. i twist open the little thing in the dishwsher. i notice the lid says 'do not fill past full mark on stem'. . . what?

how am i supposed to know how much that is? the stem is in my hand. so i just squirt a whole bunch down in there.

yea, that should be ok.

so, the next time i run the dishwasher, i squirt a whole bunch more down in there. at this point i am still perplexed as to how much should be squirted in there. but that, in no way, stops me from doing it the next two times i run the dishwasher.

so, i am starting to run low on jetdry because it is, in fact, a tiny little bottle. i think that i am going to need more soon and how come they don't sell them in bigger bottles and jeez this is expensive just not to have spots on my knives.

it is at this moment that i decided to read the bottle.

yea, maybe that will make more sense than what the dishwasher says.

the following thoughts occured to me while reading the instructions:
fill the rinse agent dispenser in your dishwasher door. done!
do not overfill. um, ok.
wipe up any spilled product and replace dispenser cap. oops, so didn't do that.
refill when needed, at least once a month. oh.

who knew? they should really make these things more clear.


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