Thursday, January 24, 2008


i have been on and off weight watchers for several years now. i am a big fan of the program and proof that it does work. over the years i have tried a number of weight watcher products. some i liked, some i loved, some were just alright.

this, my friend, is an abomination. if you look closely at the box you will see a cheery box o' 'flakes 'n fiber with oats' - yummy right? and only 1 point per serving?!! i am eating this everyday!!! i purchaed this product, carried it home and placed it in the pantry.

one fine sunday morning i arose from slumber, made my way to the kitchen, started the coffee, retrieved a bowl from the pantry, filled said bowl with 'flakes 'n fiber with oats' (only 1 point!!), carefully pored the milk over it.

at this point i remember thinking 'this doesn't really look like the picture' but i pressed on. i retrieved a spoon from the drawer, slide the spoon into the bowl, lifted a decent sized bite out and began to eat torn up pieces of cardboard. this is, almost, the worst thing i have ever eaten. and i have had haggas.

it is hard to tell from this tiny picture, but there are definitely no flakes in there.



i have had other flavors of their cereal and they are quite good. i have no idea what happened here.


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