Monday, January 14, 2008


around june or so last year, my dear boyfriend josh mentioned a movie he would watch when he was younger. he said it was called 'rock-n-roll highschool.' it came on tv and 'it had that guy from that show corey & corey' and i would say 'what show?' and he would say 'you know, that show you would watch, we watched it together one time' and i would say 'i have no idea what show you are talking about' so we went back and forth about some show i would watch that had that guy in it.

i had no idea what he was talking about. so at one point i put 'rock-n-roll highschool' on my netflix list and noted that it was either about the ramones or had the ramones in it.

it came, he watched it and said it wasn't the right one. once again we went round and round about 'that guy from the corey and corey' show.

and then, all at once

about 2 months later

it hit me

he was talking about this reality show on a&e this summer called 'the two coreys' i had watched it over the summer and promptly forgot.

so - we determined it was corey feldman and googled him. turns out the movie was called 'rock-n-roll highschool forever' and that it was the sequel to the ramones movie. furthermore, it was not on dvd.


so you couldn't rent it.


well, this just bugged josh to death and the the following conversation ensued.

josh: why isn't it on dvd?
me: it must not have done very well
josh: but it was really good
me: apparently not
josh: but, it's the sequel. the first one is on dvd
me: yea, but the first one has the ramones in it
josh: yea, but the second on has corey feldman in it
me: (blankly staring)
josh: (blankly staring back)
me (after the appropriate amount of 'are you serious' silence had gone by): there is no comparison

the only thing i can say in his defense is that he was born in 1980 and he just doesn't know.


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