Friday, April 13, 2007

we really are a lot alike

last night my sister and i were at a dinner of childhood friends (which is another topic altogether). anyhow, we stood around talking for a while and the i said 'as my grandfather always says 'don't threaten to leave and then not do it''

our hostess says 'gosh that is kind of brash' - which i always that it was self-depricating. meaning, i always felt like you were going to leave and your you host got excited about you leaving and then you didn't and they were bummed about it. i slept on it and quizzed my sister this morning and here is the result of that:

me: what exactly does that mean? i always thought it meant that the host was glad you were leaving and then you stayed for an hour bumming them out.

katie: i never really thought of it as being harsh until last night. i just though it meant don't stand around for an hour sort of leaving and sort of not. leave or don't leave. make up your mind.

me: definitely leave

katie: yep


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