Friday, August 18, 2006

cocktail day/pool eve

the jeans i am wearing today are a mistake and they are a mistake for three (3) reasons and i shall share those three (3) reasons.

1 - they are stretch. i hate stretch jeans, the color is always weird and i am not, so much, a fan of the 'crosshatch' bit. also, stretch jeans grow and by the end of the day, after pulling them up all day, the butt is saggy and they feel like sweat pants. i am probably lone in this assessment but i believe jeans should be slightly binding.

2 - they are 'ultra' low rise. i buy low rise jeans because they fit my body better. they are more comfortable and look better. however, 'ultra' is no good. 'ultra' means way, way too low and makes me feel like i need to pull up my jeans and when they are stretch on top of that (see above) - they are just no good. also, i am not trying to share my underwear with the world. i mean, i don't mind if people know i am wearing underwear - i actually prefer that they do - but they don't need to be seeing them.

3 - they are way too long. i am approximately 5'3" and, well, curvy. so pants fit me weird. the 'short' flavor are usually a tad too short and the 'regular' flavor are always too long. the pants i have on today are too long. thus, i have to wear tall shoes and tall shoes are usually not comfortable. but on top of that, the back of my jeans wrap around my heels. this is all wrong. the back of my jeans need to fall towards the floor not encase my heel.

so, why do i even bother wearing these jeans? they are the best i've got. the selection of jeans, in my price range, is, well, unsatisfactory.


  • i can relate to all three reasons.

    The best fitting jeans i have are way to freaking tight at 8am and just right by about 3pm.

    By Anonymous piehammer, at August 18, 2006 at 9:33 AM  

  • i hear 'ya. ideally i like my jeans snug when i first put them on and comfortable a few hours later.

    By Blogger anna, at August 18, 2006 at 9:39 AM  

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