Monday, September 19, 2005

not to steal from veronica mars but. . . 'a trip to the dentist'

there is nothing like getting a cavity filled first thing monday morning. so, i went to the dentist last tuesday and they were all 'eekk! you've a cavity' and i'm a all 'whatever, there are worse things in the world.' so i go this morning to have it filled.

my dentist has a son that just started dentisting with him (he expanded his practice) and i had not met the young lad before. my mom had and all she said was 'he's nice.'

end *sidebar*
so this brand new denist will be performing on my today. i get there and the guard by the elevators says 'hey, i saw you not that long ago' and i think *oh great, he recognizes me* and then go upstairs, sit in waiting room, read book, think 'can we please get going on this', spot new young dentist guy walking by and think 'he is very tall but needs a haircut and a hairstyle (still has shaggy frat boy thing). so go in the room, wait more, he comes in 'hi, i'm matt, blah, blah, blah, tell your mom hi, blah, blah, blah *flashes killer smile* - now he is officially too cute to be a dentist - he numbs me (with officially dentist numbing stuff). goes about his work, fixes cavity, says 'we're almost done, just polishing now.' he finishes and telling me all about how it might be sensitive and come back in if you need to and i will fix it and blah, blah, blah - *flashes killer smile again* and then i am extremely conscious of the numb left side of my mouth. then he hands me my purse and book and i think *how cute was that*

*leave dentist in a hurry as to not embarrass myself with half numb mouth*


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