Tuesday, September 13, 2005

what the f*&(%!

20 years

and can i just say how sad that makes me that i can ligitimatley say i have or have not had or done something for 20 years. anyway, i have a cavity - what the hell was all that flossing for???

i have just found the best gift for my sister ever.

so the beach was fun but way windy.

the trip had a bang up start

traffic lights in south carolina - does this look something from the anatomically correct department to anyone else?

our condo was in:

and rather close to the:

we had s'mores

and sat on the best couch ever

played putt putt (our balls)

this is the clevage hole (hm)

'polisher' (hehe - i swear i am 14 years old)

pretty flowers on the course

jammie feet

no - not that bad

mom's windblown beachhair

i wrote 'josh thinks he rocks' in the sand but by the time i got back upstairs to take the pic the wind blew around and then it says some kid's name

total change of subject - i know there has been a lot going on in the gulf shore area and it is serious and heartbreaking. i cannot bring myself to watch the tv coverage, my heart is so sad for everyone. i can only imagine what it would be like to have to go thru something like that and lose everything and be completely cut off from everything and everybody. i can only imagine they are all doing they best the can - even if it is not good the best thing to do. i am at such a loss over it.


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